Transparent Proxy

Currently in Majorca with GL 1300 connected to hotel router .
Unfortunately Vodafone Spain will only use their DNS preventing Express MediaStreamer smart DNS working.

Does anyone know the settings /iptables that I need to use to get around this problem.

Thank you

I am not quite sure about what you mean.

But you can try use encrypted dns and it will not be hijacked.

Hmm I don’t know what you refer to as hijacking since its strange if its used by legitimate companies like hotels.

But I think if its really hijacking then they forward port 53 to their own dns which ignores all your dns settings regardless.

The only solution I can give here is to tunnel all your traffic including your dns through a vpn tunnel either wireguard or openvpn, via iptables I don’t think you can bypass it, simply because its being done on their end out of your reach.

As for encrypted dns im not sure, but if it uses port 53 as destination aswell, basicly it still gets rewritten to their dns.

Edit, did some reading but I think Dns over TLS or Dns over https, are both fine they seem not to use port 53 at all.

My understanding is that “Smart DNS” from VPN providers requires that you register your Public IP address with the provider and then use their specific DNS server, in order to bypass geoblocking of Netflix and other streaming services.

I use NordVPN and their Smart DNS works this way. Express MediaStreamer from ExpressVPN probably works similarly. Instead of Smart DNS, can you just set up a connection to a VPN server in your home country, or does Vodafone Spain stop that also?

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Express smart DNS does work in the same way ,despite registering and manually entering their DNS settings the traffic is still going via Vodafone DNS .

I also have NordVPN and have tried their DNS settings after registering the IP .

VPNs both work.

You are right that DNS over TLS using cloudflare does use cloud DNS .

I note that you can use Nextdns as an alternative but not NORD/EXPRESS