Transparent Wireless Bridge AC1200 Travel Router - how?

How do you setup the AC1200 as a Transparent Wireless Bridge please?

I want it setup like this:

ASUS Router – wireless – AC1200 – Ethernet to Device

So in the setup shown above, the Device does not have Wi-Fi so I need to connect Ethernet to the Device because it only accepts wired connections - so the AC1200 acts as the wireless connection to the ASUS router for the Device - so the ASUS router passes DHCP requests to the Device not the AC1200.

OK the only way you can do this is to put it into Range Extender mode but there is a problem… I don’t want the AC1200 to produce its own SSID broadcast when connected to the Ethernet port of the Device.

In Range Extender mode I only want Ethernet connected - I do not want the AC1200 to broadcast SSID.

Extender mode and then just turn off the Wifi.

Thanks I have worked this out and - yes - it’s now working BUT - ping latency to my ASUS is poor averaging 50ms in that mode.

I wanted to replace my VONETS wireless bridge - but the VONETS allows for a 2ms ping time to the ASUS in transparent bridge mode.

Now, funnily enough if I put the AC1200 into router mode the ping to the ASUS is acceptable at 2ms - but I don’t want it in router mode I want it in bridge mode.

Try for yourself if you have one. It’s poor latency in extender mode for sure.

OpenWRT routers use the relayd package for wifi extender/repeater/bridge, which is not ideal for the purpose:

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

The GL.iNet GL-SFT1200 advertises itself as a Repeater Bridge on Amazon - which it can do but it’s not good enough (and I shall probably put that information on the feedback if I have to return this item to warn others).

The VONET is far superior to that effect.

WDS is not an option on the GL-SFT1200 on the GUI, can some give me step-by-step instructions on how to somehow make a ‘low latency’ Transparent Bridge using the necessary advanced options - I am not that familiar with Linux?

I can then give it another shot before I give up because it’s not fit for purpose as a Bridge.

I do like all the other features of this travel router however - is there any way - any way at all I can somehow create a wireless transparent bridge network by using TWO of these devices seeing as the forwarding in one of these as a network extender/bridge is too slow? And better still choose a Wi-Fi 6 enabled version for faster wireless to wireless comms.

Technical help please.

… silence - I guess not.