Travel Accessories - Cables, Power Adapters, et

I recently purchased the Slate AX travel router. I noticed that the power cable and ethernet cable it comes with is very short. This can be a problem if you’re traveling in hotel rooms and need longer cables for hard to reach places. Or, if your power outlet and desk are located in complete opposite sides of the room. When booking Airbnb or hotel rooms, you can’t always anticipate where your power outlet or ethernet outlets are located.

My question is, are there any accessories you recommend while traveling that address this? Something that is compact, not too bulky, and easy to carry around.

Are there other things you do to work around this?

I always just have mine on a counter or table that is next to a plug. You can have it anywhere. Or you can always just buy a longer cable

Isn’t it just USB-C? In that case you can just use a normal charger and some long cable.

You can power the Slate AX with a lot of things. The USBC port on the device does not have the chip to negotiate power like your cell phone. So most non-crappy power adaptors can do at least 3A and will default to 0.5/1.5/3.0A max and 5V. You will see that 5V/3A option on the back in fine print. Unless you are plugging a giant hard drive into the Slate, that will be more than enough. You can use a USB3 adaptor with a 3 to C cable and it will work. Some USBC adaptors should also work, like the latest Anker Nano 30W which works for me. The Nano just downgrades to dumb USB3 power delivery.

You will run into trouble with fancy “intelligent” multi port adapters if you’re plugging and unplugging multiple things, because they cut the power to every device momentarily to adjust distribution. So obviously your router will reboot everytime you plug or unplug.