Travel router AX & home router Flint

I have both routers but I realized that the travel has firmware version 4 while the FLINT version 3. version 4 is simpler in setting up the voip configuration files. is it possible to load firmware 4 in the FLINT router?

The stable Release for the Flint is 4, according to the official download page: GL.iNet download center

can you install wia WEB from the update menu? ???

I don’t understand the question.
On the Download page is the Link ‘How’, that leads to Firmware Upgrade - GL.iNet Docs

The configuration of firmware 4.x is not compatible to 3.x … So it is a manual process.
A little more than the buttons 'search for update, do it’s, but not complicated.

yes I know how to update a router in manual mode. so I have to download the file.tar and from the page I upload?

il file tar en error

il file img is corret?

The .IMG are for uboot upgrades. More like a fallback, if the local upgrade fails. The .tar should be the one you need.
See Upgrade to Firmware 4.x - GL.iNet Docs (also linked at the firmware page, on the bottom).

I don’t know the language from your screenshot, but I thing the slider at ‘keep settings’ is active. Very bad idea.

Unfortunately the GL-Inet team does not take care of right version tagging. Maybe the FW 3 updater can’t handle the FW 4 versioning… But you need to trust the file is correct, even if the page says error.

Maybe someone from the GL-Inet staff can say something more official, than me.

ok!!! upgrate now version 4.1


Maybe @alzhao can take this confusing issue to the internal team.
It is a known issue for me, but I understand how the ‘warning message’ will be a problem for new users.

3.215 is old firmware. Cannot change the warning.

However, we still have one update 3.216 for 3.x firmware and will fix the warning.

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Perfect answer, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Yes very very very confusion

But they are working on it. I do love that the user’s feedback is important at Gl-Inet.