Travel router for Hotel use

Hi folks.

I have an ageing D-Link DIR-510L travel router which we take on holiday to provide a local WiFi network (and firewall) which is piggy-backed onto the Hotel’s own WiFi (and which requires initial password/signup/access-webpage etc to the Hotel’s portal).

What would be a good replacement for this device, please? Here’s a link to my existing device: D-Link DIR-510L router

I read on the forums previously here that because hotels typically disconnect the room’s mains power when you take the key card out of the slot in the room’s entrance, the constant powering down and rebooting could cause problems with it not remaining connected to the hotels portal page?? (or would require manual login maybe to the hotel’s portal every time).

Someone also suggested getting a travel router with batteries inside it, so it would then remain connected even if you leave the room and the mains goes off … do GL-iNet do such models?

Or: I could plug a backup “power pack” into the power socket of the router and keep it powered permanently that way (a bit like a UPS) …. What is the power input plug socket on these products? Is it a USB-A socket or what?

Thanks for your help.

I used the GL-A1300 as travel-router in a hotel the last weeks. It was connected to the hotel-WLAN (with captive portal) building my own network.
I used the LANport for a DMR-Hotspot, mobile phones, notebook and 2 digital - radios connected by WLAN.

The power was interrupted several times by removing the room-card, after inserting the card the A1300 booted and connected again. The Wireguard connection re-established too.

The power is connected by USB-C, you can use a power-bank as UPS for a few hours.

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Take a look at Recommendations please to replace ageing D-Link DIR510L gtravel router?

In this thread some people gave some effort to answer a similar question. Suspicious similar.

Yes, this (recent) post was a follow-up to my previous post of last year. It takes into account the suggestions that people made (“certain hotels kill all power…”). I probably should have linked that previous post in this recent post. Apologies.

It was just that we’re now planning a new vacation, and the market has now moved on, and my OpenWRT adventures with the old router had tanked(!), so I just wanted to hear anyone’s updated thoughts…


My best advice would be to carry a cheapo TP-LINK travel router with you as a backup if you are relying a GL-INET product for you longer journeys.