Travel router for Russia


I live in Belgium and want to have a travel router setup to use in Russia, when I go visit there.
I learned you can have a home router (at home in Belgium) and have your travel router connect to it (from Russia), to make it seem like all my trafic is coming from home (Belgium).
I was thinking of buying a gl-axt1800, and potentially another home router.
Currently I've got the FritzBox router at home.
The problem though, is that I've read most VPNs and protocols are blocked in Russia, but at the same time people use VPN all the time in Russia.
I'm a software developer but this advanced networking stuff is new to me.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Any reply would be gold.

Thx in advance.

Use wireguard server on the home router. But use a different port , like 11122.

Then create a WG profile and load that into your travel router.

It should work fine. WG is amazing as it offers no reply back if you do not have the key pairs from the server, so no one can never find out that port 11122 is a WG server. It's silent


Have you tried it here? As far as I know, wg is blocked in Russia. We have to use Shadowsocks but they also started to dpi it and block sometimes so I have to use v2raya vless

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I've never been to Russia. So no idea.

Create the WG server and give your friend in Russia the profile and see if the can connect.


I visited in Russia and used Beryl AX but did not connected to my home's router via vpn or other things like Zerotier.. I used for safety surfing websites with Adguard Home + upstream Adguard DNS server.
My travel router using Repeater WiFi.

What I know in Russia? Meta (Facebook, Instagram, messenger) does not work, need VPN services which before travel. If you trying to buy private vpn services after travel and does not work, because blocked websites vpn services in Russia.
Netflix does not work :disappointed_relieved: with / without vpn services.
Proton Mail not work without vpn series. + Russian services cannot send email to Proton for verification things. I recommend create new account is yandex for everything thing to do :

  • yandex go (taxi like uber)
  • email
  • yandex map
  • yandex pay (money with nfc, virtual bank card mir up to ₽40 000 per month)

However, most people hard to buy a ticket for Russian airplanes companies which does not accept Visa/Mastero. Only Mir card or Russian banks.
Turkish Airlines with return ways does accept Visa/Mastero but very expensive ticket.

Let me know any questions? I just back home to Great Britain. Been in Russia for 1.5 month.


I see everywhere WG being blocked by Russia, do I still consider this?
Does that port magically resolve the blockage?

You live in Russia?
v2raya works ?

Does that friend need to be IT literate?
Does he need to have knowledge about routers and whatnot ?

Yes, I do. It works v2raya works here (at least for now they don't know how to block it).

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Can we test it out?
Like you connecting to my home router to test?
This way I'll be sure I can buy, configure and bring the travel router with me to Russia, you see ?

I do use vps in Russia that establish encrypted udp tunnel to wg server in London. I can connect to wg server by public ip when outside Russia. And use VPS (in Russia) ip to connect to WG server (in London) when in Russia. And vice versa connect to ip in London to connect WG server in Russia =)



Did they pull you over at the airport?
Like asked why you carry a router?

I carried one bag for all technologies stuff (tablet, power bank, Mini router, chargers)
From United Kindom airports - no. Xray scanned
From Turkey airports - yes if you carry small bag for scan drugs.
From Russia airports - no. Xray scanned.
Also, all public stations, underground (metro), hyper market, museums, mall, concert, etc - scans via Xray.

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Ok so if I use V2Raya on my router with TorGuard V2Ray proxy it should work right?

I don't know about TorGuard, I'm not using it. You'll be fine with V2rayA alone. If you want to test it, you can send me your server credentials and I will try to connect from here.