Travel Router not Working

Hello, recently my girlfriend purchased a GL.iNet 300M Mini Smart Router off of Amazon in order to connect to campus WiFi, as this was the only way we could connect both her google home and smart phone to the same internet connection. Unfortunately, the router will not connect to either of the campus’s secure WiFi connections, and when it connects to the public one it provides no internet access. What trouble shooting options can I work through to try to get this to work?

you will probably have to get the laptop or phone connected to the internet via campus wifi. Then turn off wifi on the laptop or phone. Then clone the mac of the laptop or phone into the router so the campus wifi will connect to the wifi WAN of the router and it will think it is the laptop or phone. If you can get the router to connect, then connect her phone and/or laptop to the routers LAN wifi.

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see mac clone

Can you check this guide? Connect to Captive Portal - GL.iNet Docs

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