Travel Router with Wireless Bridging & VPN

I want to purchase one of GL-iNet’s mini routers to use for travel. I mainly need to be able to connect to public wifi and then create an internal network which is both private and connects externally through my VPN.

I saw a post from a few years back where someone recommended the MT300A. Would this do the job and is it still the best choice? I do like that it has a version with external antennas, which I expect would increase the usable range.

Also, what about the MT300N-V2. Are there any features on this that would make it better than the MT300A?

All the mini router has the same VPN functions. MT300N-V2 uses a private wifi driver.

VPN performance on MT300A is still better.

But if you need external antenna, you may need to check AR300M16-Ext

Could you explain further what this means and whether it is better or worse for what I need to do?

I’d appreciate a response to this question when you have the chance. Thanks.

About the propriety MTK driver on MT300N-V2

  1. Its WiFi performance is better than open source driver.
  2. Its WiFi is stable. The open source one has bug and may cause kernel panic.
  3. It works as layer 2 bridge which the open source driver doesn’t.
  4. It doesn’t work as monitor and wds mode.