Trip #2, taking all of the routers... what do you want me to compare?

I’m headed out again tomorrow and will bring the MT3000 along with the AXT1800, A1300 and MT1300. The latter three are on clean (or vanilla in the case of the A1300/MT1300) firmware builds. Anything interesting people want me to try if I have time while I’m there?


An embarrassment of riches!!

I would really like to see a side by side comparison of the routers being used as a travel router. The advertising is based on a hardwired connection, which I have often used to advantage, but I think wireless is the true test. Hard to do in a hotel, but easier in an Airbnb. Line them up, connect them in WISP mode to the main router, then run speed tests from a device connected to the GL-iNet router out to the internet. Then, the same tests connected to a home router via OpenVPN and then Wireguard.

I view this as the core function. These routers can do almost everything, but I think the market is exactly what you are doing now.

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I’ll see if I can find some time to do this, but the connection is throttled at 40mbps - so the first three should in theory perform identically, and the MT1300 should be fine on WireGuard but slower on OpenVPN.

In meetings all day tomorrow, but will see what I can do.