Triple WAN on GL.iNet GL-AR750

Hi all,

I have started myself a peculiar home network project, and am thinking about the following scenario.

I have one normal internet line with an ISP.
On top of that I have two separate VPN connections on two separate small gl-mt300n-v2. Each of which works perfectly fine for the purpose with wire guard as the VPN protocol (one of them if Netflix for Netflix, one of them is specific VPN to my old home network where there is a NAS and local TV service bounded to that IP address).
So in the end my idea would be (in lack of better planning …) to do the following:

  1. add AR750 on top as quasi-concentrator
  2. wan goes to normal ISP (from its NAT DHCP output or Bridged DHCP Cable, all the same, it would be a DHCP client)
  3. LAN1/2 converted to mwan3, and each of both get one DHCP Lan output from each of small MT300n routers (so they would be quasi-ISP WAN inputs) - bandwidth is more than enough for the purpose, and of course their LAN Scopes are changed from the default to something more suitable.
  4. then I would configure filtering/routing based on known IP addresses of NAS/TV and Netflix and rest goes simply to normal ISP connection (i.e. I still would like Amazon and general traffic to go via my regular connection)
  5. end result should be one WLAN SSID for multimedia devices in order not to need to change SSIDs all the time I need to use/watch different service

When I said in lack of better planning - I was thinking to use a router with more than one VPN connection at the same time (i.e. 2x VPN + filtering/routing) and then do the policies on that very router, but seems like this is not something that exists (in this price range and quality needed at least - it would defy the purpose).

So, any experiences? Any suggestions?
Moreover, the initial question, as I understood mwan3 - one can basically make any of the interfaces quasi-wan interfaces by using that package?!


Seems you have three purpose:

  1. Normal internet for Amazon
  2. VPN for netflix
  3. VPN for connecting to old home

For netflix, if you have a tvbox for this purpose you can use vpn policy to router your tvbox only.

So one router is for normal Internet and netflix, another is for old home connection. There is no need to add 3rd router. But if you want to differentiate network by SSIDs, then just use 3 router saves you a lot of time.


Yes, purposes are more or less like that.
But the need per purpose is not per device, so I can’t do the policy per device, rather I need to make the policy per service. That’s fine, and works (i.e. direct internet goes directly splitting the VPN and Netflix works via the VPN) with the policy. But I do not want to use multiple WLAN SSIDs - so I wanted to make a center point.
My two oder questions were not answered.

  1. can the GL-AR750 be transformed to have three WAN ports anyhow?
  2. did I miss the option to have one router have two or more VPNs simultaneously (I believe not, but - maybe I have missed something)?


These two options could be done. But as this is not in our default firmware you need to DIY it.

AR750 may not runs this well because of its single core CPU. B1300 could do it better because it has 4 cores which can do different things at the same time.

Ok, mwan can do the wan port transformation, as I have seen - and OK - maybe I should opt in to use B1300.
However, I found no way to do multiple wireguard vpns.
Let me go back to research.
Thank you very much for your time.