Trojan\ V2ray

Hello, Folks!

I wonder any of ya use V2ray and Trojan for a VPN Connection? I wanna seek out a way to use Trojan and V2ray on my Router GL-AR750S. However, I did not find the install package on the software store. So, I wonder if anyone of you use it before? Any hints to install the serverice?

Thanks a lot!

I also need it. SSR not work now. Could anyone to help release for my GL-MT300N-V2? Thanks!

Did u contact the technical department? They sent me instructions for how to boost another Openwrt LEDE(project) from a flash drive. Since there is no plug-in software that supports v2ray/Trojan.

Hope that will help.

The original Openwrt LEDE project doesn’t have v2ray or Trojan service. But, if you could boost the router with other Openwrt LEDE project, it will be really easy to handle though.

who shall I contact? I need the same support.