Trouble installing easytether.ipk to GL-AR150 using PuTTY

Hello all! I’m a new purchaser of this mini router and am following the steps featured on this guide to enable EasyTether.

I’ve gotten as far as step 3.iii and successfully updated the module, and I’m quite sure I’m on the most up to date firmware for my router (3.024).

However when attempting to install the uploaded .ipk file I chose (D:\Downloads\easytether-usb-openssl_0.8.9-5_openwrt-19.07.3\19.07.3\ar71xx\generic\easytether-usb-openssl_0.8.9-5_mips_24kc.ipk) I receive this error.

I’m at a loss on how to proceed as I’m admittedly out of my depth here and following the digestible instructions on the guide. It feels worse since I’m on the last step or two. Would anyone have any insight on what I might do to fix the situation, or what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your time.

You need to update report before install the ipk

opkg update
opkg install xxxxx.ipk

You should see it is installed successfully. Now your message said it didn’t.

Then you will be able to go next step.

You are also looking at the old v2 Docs. You want to go to here instead:

Thanks for responding! I started using the update command before any attempt at installation just to be sure I was on the same page, but was facing a similar error. Would you have any advice on how to respond to this result?

Thanks a lot for pointing that out! I see that the OpenWrt openssl it recommends appears to be newer than the one I linked. That said there appears to be yet another openssl that’s newer than the Doc you shared. I take it that the best practice would be to use the OpenWrt 19.07.3+, as opposed to the OpenWrt 18.06.2+ they reccommend?

I’ve attempted using both the older one (the openssl from the Doc I shared) as well as what I believe to be the newest one. The middle one (in the Doc you shared) I haven’t downloaded or fiddled with yet.

You can flash the latest firmware from here:

It should be 19.07, but i haven’t tested. Try that one and see.

Not 19.07. Still 1806

I regret to say that I have (possibly) bad news. I downloaded the firmware you shared and used the local upgrade option on the router’s IP address and after it uploaded to 100%, said something about WiFi and is apparently inaccessible now.

When attempting to access its functions the same I way I did previously (by following the instructions that came with the box) it doesn’t connect. It’s a little frustrating and feels as though I took a step backwards, but maybe this is the first step to progress. I admittedly feel more lost now than ever since I’m not sure to how to even access the router’s functions.

Additionally, as I write this reply I have apparently had my post and my comments flagged as Spam which is upsetting. Is there some kind of etiquette or rule that I didn’t follow that I should be aware of? If so then that’s my mistake but I can’t think of anything and it’s pretty bothersome.

EDIT: I have since rebooted the firmware and it’s on version 3.024 again. I am uncertain if I misunderstood and did something I shouldn’t have. Was I supposed to use that firmware you shared and perform a local upgrade on the router? It acted a bit odd and I’ve reverted that change.

The forum’s software mark some post as spam and I have no idea of the criteria. But each post will be checked manually and will be restore if not spam.

Thank you! That was a tad disheartening.

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About the firmware, yes, you just had to do a local upgrade. Strange that the firmware did not actually upgrade, might be a bug. Can you try again?