Trouble setting up TOR

Hello. Can you please tell me what could be the problem? Attached a photo.
Usually there are never such problems, moreover, it is recommended to use vpn + tor + vpn scheme, since the output nodes are not reliable and may belong to bad people.

The router can’t work as VPN Client and Tor Entry Node at the same time. Can run one or the other. A option you could do is continue running WireGuard client and use the Tor browser or Brave Private Browser over Tor. Some VPNs offer Onion over VPN.

Tor over VPN

  • ISP can’t see you using Tor
  • ISP can see you’re using a VPN
  • Can access .onion sites
  • Can’t access sites that block Tor traffic
  • Protects your IP from the entry node

VPN over Tor

  • ISP can see you using Tor
  • ISP can’t see you using a VPN
  • Can’t access .onion sites
  • Can access sites that block Tor traffic
  • Keeps traffic encrypted at the exit node

@K3rn3l_Ku5h Hello. Thank you very much for your answer and scripts. Then I don’t understand why MUDI needs TOR ?. If I understand correctly, I should connect to TOR from my ip and surf the Internet? This is 200% bad idea.

That is, I can only use such schemes on MUDI?

  1. VPN ( wireguard client)
  2. TOR+ tor brower ?

And it’s all ?)) what kind of anonymity are we talking about?)) Is this a joke?

Not sure what you are looking for? Here is good article on using Tor.

@K3rn3l_Ku5h I understand how it works. In this case, we are discussing scenarios where MUDI may or may not work. If I understand correctly, then MUDI can only work according to two schemes, these are:

1.VPN ( wireguard client)
2. TOR+ tor brower
if so, then there can be no question of any anonymity. It looks more like a publicity stunt)) If we are talking about minimum conditions, then MUDI should work at least like this:


Now on github there is a very interesting material about China. By the way, MUDI would not be able to work in this mode)) We need to make a tool that will really allow the user to bypass the blocker and not a publicity stunt.

:point_right: Issues · net4people/bbs · GitHub :point_left: @alzhao

China is a different story.

For anonymity, the best setup is VPN on the router and Tor browser on your laptop.

Use Tails as the operating system, vpn on router, Tor Browser and a medium distance from the busiest AP in town. You want to also us a wifi dongle.

@alzhao Sorry, I disagree with you about China.

There are people like us who need effective tools to bypass blocking. You will not make MUDI separately for China and separately for other countries))

Tell me please can I use MUDI in China ? Especially after what you read on the link?

@K3rn3l_Ku5h Thanks for your reply and helpful instructions. As for distro and VPN, I understand you.
I did not understand the reason for the loaded point and the WIFI key. Can you explain what you mean?

As for TAILS, their website says that they use a closed code)) Perhaps this option will be better :point_right: heads downloads | heads
heads is a libre (free as in freedom) GNU/Linux distribution

When you are a medium distance from the Access Point it is harder to triangulate you wifi signal(not impossible) then if you are very close or very far away. Tails is zero trust and zero information OS. If you use your built-in wifi, mac addresses and serial numbers have been burned into it. A cheap WiFi dongle should be used to avoid this and can be easily disposed of if needed and should not be able to be tired to your computer. To have a chance at any evidence the computer, WiFi dongle and Tails OS USB need to all be recovered and It would still tell very little.

Starlink is a option and should completely bypass the Great Firewall of China.

@K3rn3l_Ku5h Thanks for your reply . Understanding what you are saying, I would like to clarify some points for myself.

  1. If you are talking about triangulate wifi, what distance are you talking about if there are tens of thousands of these points in the city? And it is not difficult, if necessary, to find the place where I connect.

  2. As for the hardware, serial numbers, I understand and agree with you.

Correctly, I understand you that the connection scheme you are talking about looks like this: PC+Tails on USB+ cheap WiFi dongle+MUDi+vpn( wireguard)+DnsCryprt

If you search “does starlink work in china” in google, you will know.

If Starlink works in China, Tesla will not.