Trouble with PIA

Hi there. Just got my AR300M. Having some trouble with pia. Looks like others have had trouble. Loaded up config files just fine. But with firmware 2.20, after I enable and apply, status just says please wait. Tried reloading as I'm using mac and don't have a refresh F5 button. But when I reload, it just returns the page without openVPN active and "enable" box unchecked.

Then I upgraded to firmware 2.24. When I apply the pia config file, it doesn't get hung up on please wait, but instead flashes and reverts to a screen where status says "Open VPN is" "not started.

Any help appreciated.

Any thoughts?

Update on my situation. I got it working, but only after I reset the unit and connected wirelessly. NOT via network cable.



after you upgrade, can you clean and reupload the ovpn files? seems PIA have changes in the ovpn files again and need to investigate.