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I will be using the travel products for work and can not afford for it to go down. I’m not technical, but I have some technical friends that are helping me get it set up. I’m confident that it’s a good product, but I know that technical products can always have issues that require troubleshooting. In the case of the new products I was also told, “debugging firmware issues will take some time, and if it’s a hardware issue on the router, we are unable to resolve it via remote help.” (I’m not sure what that means).

I can not afford to have the product down for long or else my job is at risk. I asked support if they had premium level support response or any IT consultants I could hire that are familiar with the product and they said they did not. Based on my lack of technical abilities, I am very scared that I could end up in a bad spot.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how I could get support and troubleshooting quickly with this product? Any outsourced IT companies that might know the product or that I could pay to learn it? Thanks.

What do you do for a living? I’m curious.

I’ve been using the SlateAX in repeater mode as my home router for the last 6 months and I haven’t had a single drop packet, disconnect or downtime.

I work for a Fortune 500 company (Fintech), my work VPN needs/relies on a good internet connection, the SlateAX kicks ass. :+1: My VPN connection never dies.

If the device has any issues, you can just reset it. I have not had to do a reset at all in 6 months. And I’ve modified my router with a bunch of programs and scripts. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, if you are worried about the device failing, but a backup device. :+1: Work is important and downtime is not acceptable.

Thanks for sharing. I’m not so worried about it failing. I just don’t know how to troubleshoot. For instance you reference “modified it with a bunch of scripts” so I assume you are technical and troubleshooting would not be complicated for you. But it is for me. So I am looking for support to help me if I am in a jam.

If you power on the router for the first time and configure it. You won’t have any issues. The router isn’t any different than other consumer routers.

Okay. Thanks. Since it’s a new product - what about all the firmware updates, debugging hardware, etc.?

Buy early so that you have a chance to play with it and understand the basics BEFORE you have to use it in anger. For the basics (such as repeating a WiFi signal or attaching to a VPN) it’s not that hard and you dont’ have to be technical to understand which is one of the big selling points of the Gl.Inet range :slight_smile:

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Please note that not every problem that you could encounter may be a technical problem with the router itself. If you will be connecting to hotel wifi/ethernet, public hotspots, etc., you should also prepare in case of issues with captive portals, speed throttling, website blocking, etc.

The majority of people have good experiences with travel routers, but not everyone may have heavy reliance on them as you. I suggest you also have a smartphone that will work in all the regions you will be travelling, so you can use it for a hotspot for Internet access.

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