Troubleshooting DNS Configuration Discrepancies in Home Network Setups

Hi there,
I’ve installed a Flint 1 at home and configured a WireGuard VPN server on it. I’ve also enabled “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” and set up encrypted DNS (DNS over TLS) with Cloudflare. On the other hand, I’ve got a Beryl MT3000 where I’ve set up a WireGuard client with the same settings: “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” and encrypted DNS using Cloudflare. However, when I try to check the DNS, it seems like it’s only using the default DNS from the WireGuard server (
This wasn’t an issue with my previous Opal router.
Does anyone know what might be causing this?
thank you

You can just modify the wireguard config and replace the dns

what dns to use
in my client wireguard, as I said i wanted to use encrypted DNS → cloudflare
so basicly it’s not up to me to choose which DNS to use, and should pick up dns from cloudflare, but for my beryl, it kept the dns instead of cloudflare

Cloudflare is and You can replace this in the wireguard config.

It is not encrypted dns though. You can also set in AdguardHome.

I’m unsure if you’re familiar with my concern. I’ve configured a WireGuard client on my travel router, and in doing so, Iso by default the DNS is I know that, but I’ve enabled “Override DNS Settings for All Clients” on the router, choosing encrypted DNS and DNS over TLS with Cloudflare. Under normal circumstances, this configuration should use Cloudflare’s DNS instead of the WireGuard DNS (

Interestingly, this setup functions correctly on my Opal travel router, but I’m not experiencing the same behavior on my Beryl MT3000 travel router, and getting the instead of the cloudflare one