Try GL.iNet app

If you guys want to try the app beta version, click the link below, and we really hope you to give you some advice and make the app better.


Google Play:

beta version:

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One Key feature is you can configure VPN using the APP.

Now we have NordVPN and AZireVPN built-in. We will connect more service. But you can configure manually if you have the ovpn.

Which firmware do I need to be on to use app?

Version 3.100 or above

I have some feedback for your beta version 1.0.18 on iphone:

  1. App still spends a while on splash screen when opening from scratch (spinning lasts several seconds).
  2. The button for ‘control a local device’ is not very clear and is awkward to press. The distance between this button is not in proportion to the other buttons on the screen and its contours are invisible. It would be better to make it the same shape and size as other buttons - maybe with a different colour but not as it is now with the odd distancing and no contrast in colour with the background.
  3. When coming back to the app after a while we are logged out of router and the workflow is very clunky:
  • first we must tap to ‘OK’ the ugly information box saying ‘Caution Login timeout, Please login again’.
  • then on new screen/page we must press the awkward ‘Control a local device button’
  • then we tap ‘Login’ on yet another screen/page
  • and finally we must tap ‘Login’ once again on yet another screen/page despite having already saved our login credentials.

This process should be at worst one or two button press and no more than one separate screen/page - it happens almost every time I open the app (!!) because I visit the app sporadically so of course it will always log me out. It would be nicer to just assume that we are logged out every time than what is currently happening (4 taps and 3 new screen/pages).

  1. The ‘reboot’ button on the settings page is now hidden in iPhone 7/8 devices because of the new VPN options - if I didn’t know the app I might not know it was there.
  2. When I disconnected from my current openvpn connection to test the new VPN functionality, I was presented instead with my wireguard config and no option to launch the openvpn config I just disconnected from or to switch between any of my other saved configurations. From what I understand, this might not be the case if I set up VPN configs from my phone through the app. Regardless, I would not expect this to happen, and I would expect that the app can see my existing VPN configs or VPN configs added from other devices.
  3. On the ‘VPN’ page, there are two options: “Recent” and “Registed”… ‘Registed’ is not a word in the English language… perhaps you mean 'Registered? Not really sure whether that’s the best word to use in this context though. Perhaps ‘Saved’ or just ‘Configurations’ my be better if it is to list your VPN configs?
  4. I cannot login to my goodcloud.xzy account with the app when using proton VPN. After contacting them, they say there is nothing they can do regarding their end - is blocking them on a DNS level.
  5. The colour scheme doesn’t make sense to me - I see there is two concepts - baby blue and blue/green. The blue/green scheme is used for the logo, the splash screen, goodcloud router pages and also in the router’s traditional web admin console… whereas, the new baby blue scheme is presented when using local login in the app. It would make more sense to me to maintain the admin console’s blue/green colour scheme for local connections in the app and to use the new baby blue colour scheme for all the cloud stuff instead (all the cloud-related marketing is in the baby blue scheme too if I’m not mistaken).
  6. There should be access to the VPNkill switch option since we can now edit VPNs.

Out of all of these, I think that number 3 is by far the most important.

hope that helps.


Thank you very very much for your those great advice.
May I know your iPhone iOS version?
2. The button should be bigger
3. It does too long process, I will find a way to improve it.
5. I’ll consider how to switch to OpenVPN.
From the recent list, you can connect to the previous configuration.
At the router Admin Panel, user can manage the VPN configs on router, at app, user can manage the VPN configs on app. This is more clear for users.
In what case do you use WireGuard and in what case you use OpenVPN?
6. Great suggestion.
7. This problem is tough and need to contact Proton VPN
9. It will be, need some time.

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Sure!.. my iPhone is running latest iOS - 13.4.1.

In retrospect, I think that the delay opening the app could be worse for me because of the DNS issues accessing

As far as the recent VPN list is concerned, your description did not corelate with my experience: my recent list was completely empty so there was no way for me to reconnect to my openvpn profile within the app after having chosen to disconnect from it. For some reason, the only option presented on-screen in the app was my single wireguard profile that was not in use - I had to use the router’s traditional web admin page to reconnect to my original openvpn connection.

I got the impression that if I did not have an auxiliary wireguard profile saved as well as my usual openvpn connnections, this may not have been a problem. However, I’m not sure whether your app would have presented the openvpn profile I had just been using or just the first one on the list of openvpn profiles I have saved on the router.

I don’t understand why the app should present the wireguard profile when I had not even been using it - especially as I was using openvpn. I also don’t understand why the app cannot offer all existing VPN profiles on the router to switch between if it can see that I had a wireguard profile installed that was not even in use.

For me it makes much more sense for the app to create VPN profile in the same way that the web admin page does and for the app to control existing VPN profiles that are made from other devices such as PCs.

Personally, setting up VPN profiles is much more convenient from a real computer since it often requires downloading and editing several files, copy-pasting long and confusing passwords/usernames and accessing multiple webpages all at the same time. This is not something I would ever do from an mobile device unless there was absolutely no other option.

I’m not sure if many people use multiple VPN options and profiles as I do, but I suppose that is why you have beta tests :smile: . Regardless of that, I think you should test what the experience is like when router and VPN have been set up already on PC before the app is installed because for many people this will surely be their usage scenario.

For instance, when I set up a router I for sure will have my laptop handy and will use the web admin page to make sure I have access to all options as well as LuCi. Once a router is already set up however I will probably prefer to use an app if it is more convenient, faster to access and has all the things I need easily available.

Personally the tasks I would most likely prefer to use an app for over the web admin console would include:

  • setting up a quick guest network
  • copy-pasting my WiFi password
  • changing VPN profiles
  • changing VPN policy and kill switch status
  • checking network diagnostics and system load
  • checking wireless connection strength of router and clients (currently have to go to LuCi for this information :frowning: )
  • scanning and connecting in wifi repeater mode and connecting to tethering mode.

For beginner users, I think they might like using the app for setting up the router from scratch as well though so of course you need to test the experience of using solely the app to configure the router.

As far as the DNS problem with proton VPN, I did re contacted them and they confirmed that there was nothing they could do on their end so there is nothing more that I can do. I have paid for many months of protonvpn and I will not be giving them up just to use goodcloud - especially as they support all my other needs and they are more transparent and trustworthy than many other VPN options. At this stage, the only way I can imagine there being a solution is if you reach out to them directly. If you can’t do this, or it is not worth your time, then I understand.

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We will consider your suggestion, but if we want to adopt it, we have to consider how the interface is designed.

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hey Leo, having gone back to stable App, I just got the new update.

It looks very good :+1:

I am using Mullvad with wire guard now so was easy to add a Mullvad key and make connect to the simple wire guard profiles.

I couldn’t add a manual wire guard config by copy pasting the .conf however… I Kept hitting ‘add’ but nothing happens. Would be easier to upload a .conf file than copy-pasting maybe?

I did not try openVPN yet.

I think the font size for ‘VPN’ looks bigger than ‘Tor’ in the ‘Plugins’ section but that might just be a false impression.

Anyway It’s nice to see your app coming along nicely, congrats!

Could you tell me where you copy the .conf, I want to repro this bug then fix it.
I will consider adding the feature to upload file to add WireGuard.
Thank you very much for your Suggestions. We need time to discuss and implement it.

Hey Leo,


'control local devices > ‘login’ > ‘login’ > ‘plugins’ > ‘vpn’ > ‘new profile’ > ‘wireguard’ > ‘create from configuration’

I just try to copy paste the config here from the .conf file. I tried removing the ipv6 stuff too but that didn’t change anything. The ‘add’ button seems to do nothing for me at any stage.

Incidentally, I also tried to use the QR code option with mullvad and that was a buggy experience too that appears to not save the config successfully, yet a saved config appears eventually but doesn’t work. Several error messages appear in the process:

  1. ‘error no parameter found!’ after scanning the QR code
  2. ‘unknown error’ when selecting the entry for the same failed configuration from recent screen
  3. ‘error no parameter found!’ when going via saved > custom wireguard profiles.

Hope that helps

Which app do you use to open the .conf file?
It will be more helpful if you can give a screen recording and send me the .conf file.

I tried a variety of .conf files created from both mullvad’s config generator and also from the cloudflare/Warp wireguard configuration script. It seems that no matter what is in the text box, the ‘Add’ button in your app does nothing. There is no feedback - even visually to demonstrate that it’s being pressed - it could just be an inanimate image as far as I can tell.

To copy paste the files to the box I opened them on computer in text editor and sent the contents by encrypted messenger to the phone. I am not willing to share my own conf files but you can generate your own for free in minutes:

I don’t see how the text gets copy-pasted is much of an issue since there is not any formatting added by the apps I use (text editor or messenger) and the same issue with the ‘Add’ button is present when using the QR code.

I tried the same wireguard configs on the traditional web UI – mullvad’s works straightaway but the cloudflare config needed to be formatted for your copy-pasting tool to work.

I don’t know what you’re seeing on your end, but on my end, the ‘Add’ button just looks unpressable.

I will fix ASAP. Thanks

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On the Clients page, create a “favorite” function, so that certain “favorite” clients are at the top of the client list. We use this function to disconnect our kids’ devices when they need to be doing something else.

Alternative 1, allow different sorting methods for these clients, e.g. by IP address or device name.

Alternative 2, create a search in the clients page to show only clients that match a search term

I am using 1.0.20 android version. My wife uses the latest iPhone version.

Please let me know if any of these are possible, and many thanks!

Thanks your suggestions. :+1:
The “favourite” function sounds good, I know some VPN app has this feature.
Search function can also be considered to do.
I will feedback your suggestions to relevant guys.

Did you get any feedback from the developers on my suggestion? Any other updates? Many thanks!

They should identify with the need, but they are redesigning the app, the UX will be different.
If it has “favourite” feature, do you still need the “recent connection” feature?

If you question is for me, I never requested the “recent connection” feature.

Favorite clients, not function.

Just a heart and click it to pin the client to the top, right?