Trying to build 3.105 for ar150 but no gl web admin

trying to build gl-tor and nano in because there is not enough room for tor. builds fine and upgraded without keeping settings.

section from glinet/images.json

“ar150”: {
“profile”: “gl-ar150”,
“version”: “3.105”,
“imagebuilder”: “3.2/openwrt-imagebuilder-ar71xx-generic_3.2”,
“packages”: “luci luci-mod-rpc gl-base-files-ar $basic $vpn $storage $usb $glinet”

command line

./gl_image -c glinet/images.json -p ar150 -e ‘nano gl-tor’

am I missing some package?

basic packages has a -lighttpd-mod-openssl
is the negate on purpose?

Guys didn’t put gl-web there.

We are building tor firmware 3.203 for you.

But Tor 3.105 is already there GL.iNet download center. Does this work for you?