Trying to create a seperate network

I am using proxmox to self-host. The network Im using is shared so I bought a shadow to seperate the networks. I want to connect through lan and not have any of my vms or containers mixed with devices from the main network. On Glinet other devices on the lan show up and If I block them it blocks them on the main network as well. How do I block the devices from the main network on Glinet without them losing access to the main?

edit: Currently set up as Main router ethernet to the Shadow and Shadow ethernet to a mini PC.

You will have to use VLAN for it, but „blocking“ them using the GL GUI won’t work.

Like all things: As soon as you have advanced requirements, the GL GUI won’t help you.

Sorry I guess Im confused. Would it be better to connect it all through wifi instead of all through ethernet? I was under the impression it created its own network but its acting as if I am controlling everything from my main router instead of its own.

I am not quite sure if I know 100% what you are trying to do.
Maybe you can draw it using

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What is not working for your current setup?

My understanding is that the main network cannot access the vm but the vpn/mini pc can access the main network.

Isn’t this what you want?

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That would put me at ease if that is the case but I also do not want to accidentally block devices from the main network or worry about identifying devices that come up. I have not even activated a firewall because it would block devices on the main network. I do not want the networks to interfere, since its acting as a different network it would be nice if none of the devices from the main network even showed up on the glinet. If I were to go to a hotel and use it would it show me all devices connected to the entire hotel wifi and allow me to block them from it?

It will not show the other devices on the hotel wifi and you don’t need to do anything to block them.

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Then I dont understand why all of the devices of the main network is showing up in my glinet router.

Also the main network has access control on the router I guess which is automatically blocking any devices I try to connect on glinet. I dont understand why all my devices on glinet would be showing up on the main network let alone need to be approved by it if glinet is a seperate network.

What am I doing wrong?

did you see the diagram I attempted at making? lol

Could you link me to something where I can better educate myself regarding VLAN and segmenting? What I am trying to do was something I was under the impression of would happen out of box with the glinet, but I possibly can achieve it with VLAN, segmenting, DMZ, etc. I assume.

Which GL.iNet router and which firmware are you using?

Can you show some screenshots or images of “all of the devicces of the main network is showing up in your glinet router”?