Trying to remote access Laptop on different subnet

I recently installed a new AX1800 Flint as my main router connected to the ISP router. I have the WAN port plugged into a free port on the ISP Microtik. So I have my own lan. Also I turned on VPN (Nord Subscription) and Adguard. LOVE IT !!

I have a wireless Access Point in an outdoor bar that brings the signal out to the property.

I work out of an RV parked on the property. I use a AR750S Slate to do a wireless Bridge to the AP.
Everything works awesome from the RV. The Flint is the .8.X and the Slate was set to .10.X. I can get to the management of both devices when I am in the RV.

However once I am in the house I no longer can go the other way. I cannot reach the Slate console and cannot Remote Access to the Laptop. (saves me a trip to the RV)

Its not super imperative that I have this but wanted to know

  1. Why does it only work upstream but not downstream
  2. Is there a simple way to make it all work as one?


In your previous thread, you indicated that you want to keep the Slate as Router mode since you use it that way when you travel with the RV. Hence, the Slate (RV) firewall allows traffic to go outward to the Flint (house), but blocks Flint (house) traffic to go inward to the Slate (RV).

Some options:

  1. You can switch the Slate to Extender mode so that it will be on the same subnet as the Flint. There would not be firewall/NAT, so you have to switch back to Router mode when travelling.

  2. You can buy a 2nd Slate or some other brand of extender dedicated for working in your RV office and only use the 1st Slate for travelling.

  3. You can set up port forwarding on the Slate that opens selective “holes” in the firewall to allow traffic from the Flint to go inward to the Slate. Be careful to only open selective “holes” for specific traffic because this will reduce the level of security when you are travelling, or you can close the “holes” when travelling.

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Thank you. I really appreciate your help. Yes you are correct… I decided that the few times I need to remote access the laptop its not worth changing the config…

I will just keep it in Router mode… I want to keep things simple… :slight_smile:

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