Trying to set up an MT300N-V2 as a relayd bridge

Hi - hoping someone can point me in the right direction here – I’m trying to use an MT300N-V2 as a wireless bridge (no routing, I want anything plugged into the LAN port to get a DHCP offer from a wireless hotspot in the other room). Whenever I try to use the “relayd” method given on the OpenWRT forum, I fail seemingly because in OpenWRT, I can’t get to the wireless settings (apparently because the 7628 is a closed-source driver?)

Has anyone got this working and remember how they did it?


Just go to More setting and Network mode. Set up WDS/Extender

MT300N-V2 has close wifi driver but its advantage is to bridge to current wifi network in layer 2 (like wds). While other models may not bridge in layer 2 if WDS is not compatible and have to use relayd.

Well crap - I was seriously overthinking that. I thought extender didn’t apply to the LAN port, but probably should have checked… Thank you so much.