TTL Changing On GL-AR150-est

I can’t Find the custom rules settings to change the TTL in the Firewall settings. Does it just not have it or…any help would be appreciated. If it doesn’t have it is there a plug-in you can install to add it

Can you elaborate what TTL you want to change for?

Generally when refering to TTL it related to modem settings which is not available in AR150.

TTL applies to any IP packet. Not just for mobile.

@CrimsonLotus181 You need to install Luci and go into Network > Firewall > Custom Rules to change TTL settings for packets. See here:

How would I go about installing Luci if I may ask

I figured out where the custom rules is. I figured out I needed to install a plug-in to actually get it to work. Now the TTL settings that you posted is it supposed to go at the end of the custom rules or is it supposed to go in a specific spot and thank you so much for helping me

At the very end of custom rules :slight_smile:

Ok thank you so much I’ve done hours of research trying to figure this out. you’re the best :wink::wink:

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