Tutorial on how to port forwarding on several Gl.inet router


May I know how to port forwarding on several Gl.inet router? Below is the particular details:

1st router is connected to the modem which is direct to my isp for PPPOE protocol to the internet then…

2nd router is Brume 2 which is connected to my 1st router for DHCP protocol then…

3rd router is Beryl which is connected to my 2nd router for DHCP protocol.

My question is, if i would like to config the wireguard server on my 3rd router which is Beryl, how to go about the port forwarding on several router of Gl.inet?


On your 1st router, port forward 51820 UDP to IP of Brume 2
On your Brume 2, port forward 51820 UDP to IP of Beryl


Alright :+1: noted with thanks :blush:

I have done the correct steps, but it’s not working on Beryl for wireguard server. It’s working on Brume 2 instead. This is what am curious before and after clarify?

  1. Have you assigned (and fixed) different IP subnets for all of your routers? 2. Why are you daisy-chaining two GL iNET routers?

I need to config my Brume 2 is with cascading and Beryl is without cascading functionality.

On Brume 2 you also have Wirguard server running? You should change one Wirguard from using port 51820 to others.

Yes, i did. Even Brume 2 is on/off the vpn server, my phone still cannot connect the vpn server on Beryl which is not functional as not reachable.

Below is the following steps of the config:

  1. Main router port 51821 - Brume 2.
  2. Main router port 51825 - Brume 2 port 51825 -

I have try both port to beryl even 51821 and 51825 still not able to connect the vpn server from my phone with the same steps.

It’s mean that my phone able to connect the vpn server on Brume 2 and not Beryl.

Is it possible to make a VPN server work on Beryl instead? How should I do to make it work by right?

Did i have make an wrongly set up?

Any feedback would be highly appreciated.


I cannot identify. Can I have a remote check?

Ok. How to go about?

Just updates that after upgraded the snapshot firmware of 4.2.0 for Beryl which able to make the vpn server work already. Btw, thanks!