Tutorial: Unbricking/Upgrading your Gl-iNet

A bricked GL-iNet is a GL-iNet that does not respond.
This fenomenom happens when a important part of the firmware can’t be accessed.


  • A GL-iNet router.
  • A computer running: Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
  • A patch cable (ethernet.)
  • A micro-SD cable and a adapter with at least a voltage of 5.

Step 1:
Make sure that you have a power source available that has a guaranteed uptime.
And be sure that this power source won’t be interrupted while following this tutorial.

Step 2:
To access your router your computer and your router have to be on the same network.
By accomplishing this you wil be able to upload firmware images to your router.

1. Open Explorer.

   2. Right click on "Network" and select "Properties".
      <img src="http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010050043J1442920715249131" alt="" />

   3. A new window will appear. In this window select your "Ethernet" connection.
      <img src="http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010050053J1442920715249131" alt="" />

   4. Click on the "Properties" button in the "Ethernet Satus" window.
      <img src="http://s02.imageupper.com/1/5/J1442920715249131_6.png" alt="" />

   5. Scroll the scrollbar downwards and search for "IPv4".
      <img src="http://s02.imageupper.com/1/5/J1442920715249131_7.png" alt="" />

   6. Select "Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPv4)" and click on "Ok".
      <img src="http://s02.imageupper.com/1/5/J1442920715249131_8.png" alt="" />
   7. Select "Use the following IP address:".

   8. Change the "IP address:" to "".
      Change the "Subnet mask:" to "".
      Change the "Default gateway:" to ""
      <img src="http://s02.imageupper.com/1/5/J1442920715249131_10.png" alt="" />

   9. Click on "Ok", and close the opened windows.    

Linux, Mac OS and BSD:
1. Search for your distribution on Google and add an extra search tag named: “static ip address”.

   2. Change the IP adres to:
      Change the subnet mask to:
      Change the default gateway to:

Step 3:
After changing your IP-adres and subnet mask we can finally upload our firmware but,
before we start we have to make sure we allready have the firmware on our harddisk.
The firmware can be downloaded from:
- GL-iNet 2.10 (default): This firmware creates ssid “tor” and “openwrt”. By default, via “tor” and LAN, you will be connected to the Tor network. To change settings on the router, you need to connect to “openwrt” ssid, and the IP is
- Tor Portal 2015.1: This firmware creates ssid “tor” and “openwrt”. Only via “tor” wirelessly you can connect to the Tor network.
- Tor Portal on LAN 2015.1
- Ser2Net: For robot control, equipped with ser2net, you can send command to your car control board via serial port.
- CGMiner-Block Erupter: The firmware is equipped with cgminer, works with USB Block Erupter, plug and play, support hotplug. No warranty. With USB1.1 patch, mining with Wifi on.
- CGMiner-Ant: The firmware is equipped with cgminer, it is compiled for USB antminer, plug and play. No warranty. With USB1.1 patch, mining with Wifi on.
- U-Boot

Step 4:
Before reading the next part make sure that your device is only connected using the LAN port with your computer.
And make sure that your computer changed it’s adapter settings and is not connected to any other network.
Hold the “Reset” button, plug the power cable in and choose between one of the three options, i highly recommend option 1:

Option 1: Press the “Reset” button 5 seconds to run a web failsafe mode.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to "", next click on browse:
    <img src="http://imageupper.com/s02/1/5/J1442920715249131_1.png" alt="" />

  2. Select the downloaded firmware:
     <img src="http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010050023J1442920715249131" alt="" />

  3. Follow the steps and do not unplug your power supply from your device till the device has been restarted:
     <img src="http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010050033J1442920715249131" alt="" />

Option 2: Press the “Reset” button for 7 seconds to run a U-Boot console.

  • This console is only accesible when your device is connected over an UART connection.
  • To upload a firmware image one must setup a local FTP server, the includes the image.
  • Not recommended! It contains device harming commands that can destroy your device. It should not be used by a normal user.

Option 3: Press the “Reset” button for 9 seconds to run the U-Boot netconsole.

  • To upload a firmware image one must setup a local FTP server, that includes the firmware image.
  • Not recommended! It contains device harming commands that can destroy your device. It should not be used by a normal user.

Note: The button it self is fault tolerance, when the button is released for longer than a second it stops the timer.
If you failed to hold the button for a shorter period of time the timer will continue.

Note: When connected using UART, the console will display different timings, these timings do not include the 2 second boot time.

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