[ Tutorial ] Workaround if your WireGuard Connection is too slow

  1. Connect to your GL-Inet Device via SSH. Username and password is the same as from the web interface.

  2. Enter the command : ifconfig

  3. Now write down all interfaces: eth0, eth0.1, eth0.2, wlan0, wlan1, br-lan, br-wan
    !!! Leave “lo” (Loopback) at 65536, don’t change!

  4. Now we have to change every MTU from 1500 --> 1360

[ Alternatively try : 1300 ! Depends on Connection. But 1360 has a more constant speed ]]

!!! I’m not sure if changing all interfaces’ MTU is nessesary
!!! You can begin to change at least all wlan MTU if you use WiFI only.
!!! Every needed interface without MTU = 1360 will have a very low download rate
!!! Maybe there’s a better MTU than 1360. If you have time, find it out.
!!! I have DL 60 MBit/s and UL 3 MBit/s. So max DL with WireGuard is up to 54 MBit/s

  1. Now enter these commands if you want to change all MTU to 1360.

!!! You could get one “SIOCSIFMTU: Resource busy”. You can ignore it.

Set MTU of every interface to 1360 with :

ifconfig eth0 mtu 1360
ifconfig eth0.1 mtu 1360
ifconfig eth0.2 mtu 1360
ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1360
ifconfig wlan1 mtu 1360
ifconfig br-lan mtu 1360
ifconfig br-wan mtu 1360

Restart interfaces with :

ifdown wan; ifup wan
ifdown lan; ifup lan
ifdown wan6; ifup wan6

You will be disconnected while restarting interfaces.

  1. No need for rebooting your GL-iNet device. Start speed test and you should have
    something about 90% of WireGuard encrypted throuput from your real max speed.

GL-MT300N-V2 + WireGuard (Mullvad) = Starts slow

Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks for this but the changes don’t seem to survive reboots.


Have you saved the configuration by shell?:wink:


How should I do that?


Try ‘uci commit’…