Two errors: Time settings and time out?

So I have just received the GL-X3000. I appear to have two issues:

I was working on configuring the Admin Panel. I am based in Amsterdam, and for some reason there's a warning that the browser time setting do not match the UTC.
However the laptop that I'm working on is on the correct timezone.
How can I get rid of this error.

I don't know if the second issue is related to the first one. I am configuring the Admin panel to change passwords etc. However I keep on getting this error: " "Operation timed out. Please check the network environment or reboot the device."
I didn't configure any timer or something, so where is the setting that somehting is time limited?

hopefully someone can help

I don't think the errors are related, but for the first one Time Zone - GL.iNet Router Docs 4 should help. It just checks of the timezone of the router and the browser is identical. Very plain.
If I remember correctly, you also could change the timezone via drop-down.

The second issue seems to be rather a networking issue. It there another network in your LAN with subnet? I remember I've have had this behaviour with an Danish provider, who used the same default net at his router.
I just plugged my SlatePlus WAN at the provider-routers LAN, without checking. After a while with strange errors, I started to investigate.

Hi, thanks for responding. Due to the time out issue I couldn't sync the time unfortunately.
Also, due to the time out issue, I couldn't change the default pswrd's of the GL-X3000. After some experimenting and installing the GL-inet app on Android device, I was able to change the pswrd's, sync the time and install the latest software.
I will monitor whether the weird time out warnings still continue to appear and report back to the forum.

For now, at least I was able to achieve what I wanted