Two GL-S1300 for home network?


I want to set up a SmartHome environment in my apartment which has about 82 square meters.
I have a kabel-router which i can use in bridge mode and which shoul be used with a GS-S1300 as router in the living room.
Makes it sense to connect a secound GS-S1300 with LAN (cables are already installed) at the other end of the apartment in the office room to get a better WLAN-coverage for the IoT-devices?
Is there an alternative product for the secound GL-S1300?

Thanks in advance,

A number of ways you could go there:

2 X S1300 in a wired mesh configuration
1 X S1300 and then save some $$ and use a 1 x B1300 in a wired mesh
1 X S1300 and then use 1 xanother cheaper router (e.g. Creta, Slate, Beryl) as an Access Point

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