Two problems with Convexa GL-B1300

Following the instruction in the excellent post about how to get support, here are the full details of my router.

  • Which router (which model?) are you using?

Convexa GL-B1300

  • Which firmware version is in use?


  • How is your router connected to the Internet?

I’m on Fiberr. The full hookup is an ethernet cable from the router to the ISP provided ONT (Optical Network Terminal), and then there is a fiber connection from the ONT to the ISP.

  • Which DNS server do you use? (The local one of your ISP? AdGuard Home? Another one?)

Cloudflare: and

  • Do you use DHCP or static IP addresses?

Both. I have a DHCP pool from X.X.X.200 to X.X.X.250 inclusive for cellphones and guests, all other devices have static IP reservations configured in /etc/config/dhcp,. Note that all of the reservations are in the range X.X.X.1 to X.X.X.199, the router itself is configured at X.X.X.254. Two Windows systems are actually configured to use static IP’s in the Windows configuration, the addresses in use match the reservations in /etc/config/dhcp, this is mostly so that study of /etc/confg/dhcp can tell me where everything is located.

Problem number 1. My wife and I play a couple of online games that use TCP connections for the client to connect to the server. These work fine 99.9% of the time, but occasionally the two of us will suffer a combined disconnect, and it’s happened enough that we know it’s not a server issue. The reasoning for that is that when it happens in a large group of people, everyone else in the group remains connected, it’s just the two of us that drop.

I temporarily switched to a router from another manufacturer, not running OpenWRT or DDWRT, and this problem immediately stopped. It then restarted again when I brought the Convexa GL-B1300 back on line. Thus I conclude this is an issue with the router.

Problem number 2. This has started recently, but neither of our smart phones can connect to the Internet using the router WiFi. They are able to establish a connection to the router, but cannot access the Internet from there. I don’t have them blocked from WAN access in the router, as far as I know nothing is blocked from WAN access.

This second issue is a major deal breaker, if I can’t get a solution to this I will be forced to switch back to the other non-Gl-Inet router. I don’t want to do this if we can find a solution, because that other router is a real pain to configure.

Plus it’s not made by Gl-Inet, and doesn’t run OpenWRT. Doesn’t
t have an SSH capability, just not a great router at all.

If all else fails, I have a spare Slate-750M-Ext that could be brought into service, if it might solve these two problems.