Two SSIDs with one direct connect and one through OpenVPN behind repeater mode

I want to create two Zones with my AR300M. So no split tunnel. When I am in a Hotel room WLAN I want to use a Amazon Fire connecting to one SSID going thorough an OpenVPN tunnel to my home NAS to see live streams which are usually blocked like football games when outside the country. One one SSID mimic my home SSID to not forced to login separat (at least from one its of course required to get through the Hotel portal) with all other devices.

How can I get this been configured?
Do I get it right that turning on OpenVPN from the GUI it will force all traffic through the tunnel?

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In firmware 3.x, you need to use vpn policy and choose if you need to use vpn for Guest wifi.

This way you can have two SSIDs, one via VPN and the 2nd does not.