Typo in gl.inet iOS app

Just installed the gl.inet app again to see if it was still unable to connect over my VPN (unfortunately still the case) and noticed a typo on the third onboarding page when you open it for the first time:

“security your data by Tor”

should be

“secure your data with Tor” or" …or… “secure your data over Tor network”

Also, there is one issue that is not a bug (but it’s bugging me with the app): I would be really grateful if the workflow for opening the app when a local connection to your router has been broken could become much less clunky.

At the moment, every time that I come back to the app after any length of time, I have to close a dialog telling me that the connection was broken, then I have to back out, then I have to click on the (hard-to-see) LAN connection button to open another page to login.

It should just log me back in straight away if my password is saved. Even chowing the LAN login page by default would be so much nicer (only have to click one button!!).

Apart from that, looking forward to the next update.


Thanks very much for those feedback.
Would you interested to try the beta version:
iOS TestFlight: TestFlight - Apple
Google Play beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/xyz.goodcloud.glinetapp

maybe… does it allow accessing openvpn client setting and changing VPN servers yet?

thanks :wink: