U-Boot problem / router brick

I have AR-150 and i think it has custom U-boot from you guys and not pepe2k becouse Net console after 7 seconds doesnt work, and it’s 256kb, could you tell me how to put the original one or give me a version with net console?

Also now I have bricked the device by flashing wrong uboot and openwrt isnt starting. Can I somehow flash uboot again over serial or ill have to desolid rom chip and reprogram it?

You have to desolder the flash chip and program it.

We are using pepe2k uboot for sure, with little modifications. pepe2k uboot don’t have AR150 in the target. If you compile using GL.iNet, it will be for 6416. But it is still a working uboot for AR150.

How did you compile the uboot and what is the size of the bin? How did you flash? There is no any output from uboot console?

i’ve desolider chip and reprogram it, pepe2k released ar150 uboot so I have flashed it again and its working everything, thank you for your answer, P.S. you should start selling SOP8 Test Clip and FLASH programmer for easy flashing without desolidering if somebody mess things up

thanks for the suggestions. We used to sell some tools. But really a few people need to do this.

I have a similar problem. I installed u-boot on a bunch of wr703n routers and mr10u routers I modded. I did using pepe2k tutorials using dd-wrt all worked flawlessly. So decided to use the same process on my GL-6416A to upgrade u-boot and it failed (redboot didn’t write). So if the option is to re-program flash, what hardware-software recommended to do. Also any tutorials would be helpful!
Is a raspberry pi an option to jtag or similar?

Until now the only correct way is to desolder the flash and program it.

Thank you for the reply. I kinda thought that was going to be the response so I bought the gear needed. As I have two of these is it as simple as dumping the flash image and re-flashing the one I have the problem with?

Don’t do that. Each flash has unique radio calibration info you cannot use info from other one.

For AR150 it is the last 64K. Can you please don’t touch the last 64K of flash?

Oh I did this already. Can this be altered, or let me know what problem this will cause?
It did get it working perfectly fine, but would like to know what to change.

Thanks again.

If it works then you can just use.

Cheers Alzhao. Actually I live in China (Shanghai). I use this one to test different firmware (it’s expendable) I have nearly all GL.inet models. I am working on mostly VPN solutions with different firmwares. Actually I am surprised I haven’t killed this one yet. :slight_smile: