Ubiquiti Wireguard .conf - Connected, but no data is being transferred

Hello - I’m using a Wireguard VPN configuration (.conf) generated via the recently released Ubiquiti Wireguard server implementation. Loading up this .conf in a Wireguard Windows/MacOS client yields a successful connection and data is passed through the VPN tunnel.

Copy/pasting this .conf into the ‘manual’ section for the Wireguard VPN Client configuration wizard for GL iNet yields a successful connection, but no data flows through the VPN tunnel.

Downloading a .conf from Mullvad yields a successful connection through the router. So I know the router can successful utilize a Wireguard .conf.

No other settings are changed between the two separate tests.

Why is this Ubiquiti generated .conf working in Wireguard Clients, but not the GL iNet Wireguard Client?

Hi, what model and firmware version of GL.inet router?
Could you send .conf to me, by private message?

Using a Brume (GL-MV1000).

PM sent.


In parameter,

AllowedIPs =,,,, is redundant as meas all traffic are allow.

If you change it to

AllowedIPs =


AllowedIPs =,,

It gonna be working.
This is indeed a limitation by GL.inet wireguard client API parsing the parameters.
I tested a 4.0 firmware that doesn’t have that limitation.
MV1000 4.0 firmware will be available recently.

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That worked!! Thank you so much :slight_smile: