Uboot flash failures

Hello to all:

I have had a flash failure on a new GL-MT600. Double checked that I have the correct newest flash image “openwrt-mt6000-4.5.5-0105-1704449365.bin” and I am able to get into uboot flash posture. Uboot Webui says it successfully uploaded file and when click to start flash, 10 to 20 seconds later it flashes a banner on the screen saying the flash was successful and it is now rebooting. It does not reboot and the flash was not sucessful.

I know 10 to 20 seconds is not right but
how long should a uboot flash on a DL-MT6000 take. The last attempt I let it for an hour before
I power cycled it.

I believe I followed the checklist on the youtube guide video to the letter.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.