Uboot for GL-MT3000 Beryl AX

I own a MT3000 Beryl AX router. I was looking to upgrade the uboot on my router. The documentation asks me to download the uboot file from uboot-for-qca95xx/bin at master · gl-inet/uboot-for-qca95xx · GitHub. There are many files in that link. Which file should I download for MT3000?

The MT3000 one that’s not on there.
Might be worth emailing support.

Why? I’ve used the uboot on my Beryl AX several times, and it works fine without any issues whatsoever.

U-boot’s license requires you to provide the source-code for U-boot (including any modifications you made) to anybody that asks for it. U-boot typically doesn’t interact with your system after booting, and neither will its license.

What’s wrong with having a copy of latest version of uboot. I want to refresh the uboot in my device in case it is compromised.

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If some bad actor has access inside your LAN, then some obscure uboot vulnerability is the least of your worries!

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I emailed support asking for a copy of uboot firmware. They turned my request down saying I might brick my router.

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courtesy of Alfie Zhao



If you choose to provide source through a written offer, then anybody who requests the source from you is entitled to receive it.
If you commercially distribute binaries not accompanied with source code, the GPL says you must provide a written offer to distribute the source code later. When users non-commercially redistribute the binaries they received from you, they must pass along a copy of this written offer. This means that people who did not get the binaries directly from you can still receive copies of the source code, along with the written offer.
The reason we require the offer to be valid for any third party is so that people who receive the binaries indirectly in that way can order the source code from you.

@japa182 as you have received the binary you can request for the source code from Alfie Zhao.

As you have now shared the binary we can all request for the source code for the mt3000 uboot.

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he only provided me with the standard uboot file for the mt3000, having this backup you can restore it.

I have the MT6000 too

Thanks for sharing. I would still prefer the source code and bin file shared on github similar to other routers.

Also, I am puzzled as to why the support team shares the uboot bin file to some and decline to others. Wonder what is their criteria.

@alzhao would you be able to comment on this, is there a criteria that needs to be fulfilled to receive the uboot gpl source for the mt3000?

We will not share uboot bin widely, because if an accident occurs when swiping/upgrading uboot and probably not completed during process, the router will be brick, and can only disassemble the casing and re-burn the eMMC/Flash/NAND with chips programmer to recover the router.

So, this operation probably is dangerous for common users who they do not know the important role of uboot in router.

Pls let us know you do have handle router technical knowledge when contact support team. :wink:

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I had access to the original uboot just to base it on what I already had... in Luci you can back up the correct partition yourself... I just compared it with what the devs sent me.

There is no uboot repository on github for mt3000 or mt6000. There is a custom MT6000, and I'm using it today, this custom does not need to set the IP to access uboot, it automatically pulls in DHCP mode.