UBOOT wrong serial speed?

I have a serial console set up to a 300M.

When booting the router I get garbage until busybox starts then everything looks great.

If I hit a few keys right after boot, it appears to remain in uboot like it should but the output unreadable.

It looks exactly like uboot is using the wrong serial speed. I have tried various other rates with no luck.

Any suggestions?

Stranger still, if I set it to 7-bit 115200 I can read uboot but it doesnt respond to me.

The high bit is causing problems. I just need to figure out a way to limit it to the lower half of the ascii table.


Are you using our default firmware?

Please be noticed that uboot and openwrt firmware can use different baudrate which cause this problem.

But in our default firmware and uboot, baudrates are both 115200.

If you still have a problem, maybe need to try a different usb uart adapter.