I can’t seem to find uboot sources anywhere. Could you please point me to where I could find it?

To be honest, I couldn’t even find ready uboot image I could use to debrick the board. Am i missing something?

Here is the original source from pepe2k: GitHub - pepe2k/u-boot_mod: U-Boot 1.1.4 modification for routers

Here is our modified source GitHub - domino-team/uboot-domino. There are also binary files.

You can use both to compile the uboot.

You could run “make clean” before uploading this :slight_smile: It would be much easier to check the changes done if you provided this on top of “original” u-boot_mod history.

Just did make clean.

We are not sure which source did we pull. As long as we made it work we don’t touch it.