Uci command in glfw

I happend to be launching tor client, (might I add isn’t working with usb150) so I started fishing around and did a ps and found this temperarily in the list of launched and closed pids.
sh -c config() { echo "You cannot use UCI in firewall

Seems some script is running. When it is completed, it will disapear.

thanks for the reply alzhao. those were my first ideas on it but the core if was more focused on it causing errors elswhere not being found in the system. I searched /etc/config/glfw and found only two instances of the commend “uci” and since it seems to be returning an error response it may not be completing the desired effect. I know uci works fine in other /etc/config/scripts but glfw being a special case script. then again if the “uci get” has no output the error response works as coded. just trying to help out and point at something

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