UDP Multicast - Enable IGMP Snooping

Hey all,
I have a small GL-MT300a installed on a boat. It is connected to the same subnet as my chartplotter/radar devices via an 8 port switch.
In reading the documentation from my radar, I understand that the radar transmits via UDP Multicast so that any listening devices can receive the packets.

When I have the MT300 connected and radar is turned off and not streaming packets, the router works properly. However, when the radar begins to transmit, the router will work fine for about 5-10 minutes and then eventually lock-up and needs to be re-powered. As I understand it, radar transmits at a constant rate of about 8Mbps.

I believe the device may be having an issue handing all the multicast traffic. How would I go about disabling multicast on the LAN interface on the AP? Or alternatively, should I enable IGMP Snooping (and how to do that???)?

We are having the exact same issues with our Beryl router and our B&G radar. The radar works fine but after about 10 minutes, the wifi on the router become non-responsive. The Ethernet attached (wired) devices still work fine.

Does this router just not have the processing power for this?

Have you tried this option?