[UI] merge clients and LAN

It would be nice to merge static DHCP lease directly into clients tab in web UI, instead current 2 separate tabs for clients and static DHCP lease, where the description needs to be entered twice and the operation is prone to errors.

Thanks for your advice.


Currently display the Mac and its alias, probably not difficult prone to errors. This feature in Luci is also under the DHCP/DNS setting page.

We already have plans to add a quick button to set up a reserved IP on the client page.


Quickest way to static map is inside the mobile app. The "Reserved IP" is at the bottom of the client details, just no option to add a description.

Glad that you are added the option on the web UI page. I was confused at first where to
find static mapping on the glinet GUI as when I use the glinet android mobile app I can toggle on "Reserved IP" from the conneced clients page so I just assumed the option was on the clients page in the web gui.

Also can you implement the "description" field on the android app as when you add a reserved IP via the app there is no description when you look in the web gui.

Thank you. Would be awesome if device name (description) for static lease inherits from clients, currently static DHCP lease description is a lot more restrictive in length / characters supported