UI; warning when being connected via WLAN and trying to disable

Two times I accidentally disabled WLAN when I was in a hotel and had only Smartphones or Tablets with me. In both cases I had to reset to factory and start from the scratch. Now I have a backup, so that it would be easier.

It would be useful, that a warning popup asks whether you really want this. Better would be, that disabling is only possible, when connected via LAN.

I hate pop-ups:

are you sure?
> are you certain that you are sure?
> still sure?
> you really want to delete?

Basically, just disable and be done with it - if you don’t know what you’re doing, then don’t do it!

@glitch: Thank you for your input. How can i disable it? Where?

You mean, for a user it is better to loose the connection instead of getting a popup? it accidently happen to me twice. Smartphones and fingers are are not very precise. My other router warn.

i wrote, a popup maybe “you try to disable wifi, although you are connected via wifi. Are you shure, that you can access your device via LAN?” or better not to allow disabling, when not connected via LAN.