UK import taxes?

Does anyone know what import taxes would be charged on an MT1300 (Beryl) ordered from the shop for delivery to the UK, at this point in time? ie today!

If ship from outside UK, you will need to pay 19% VAT when the item deliver to your border

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Thank you very much, alzhao -

Fedex delivered my Beryl this week, then sent me a txt message saying I owe them £23.50 import duty. It seems very odd to receive an invoice for this over SMS after they delivered it.

Fedex, DHL and UPS love to send out an invoice a few weeks after they deliver your package with import duty + their handling fee. This is normal. Sending via SMS i don’t know. You might want to contact Fedex and see if it was real or not.

Just received mine by Fedex and no additional tax paid.

There have been a few articles about fishing recently on this site:

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Just DON’T give them your bank details, unless you are sure of the veracity of the charge and the recipient.

I received an actual paper invoice from fedex over the holidays and all the details are correct so I guess I’ll have to pay that one.

I paid 76.99 USD for my Beryl, took quite a while for it to be delivered and paid 24 quid tax, letter arrived about 2 weeks after delivery. not far off half the price! Fedex website is also dodgy, you have to enter the invoice and amount, no real confirmation, will be waiting and buying through amazon in the future.

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Hi @adjrobinson

I take it from your use of the word ‘quid’* that you are from the UK.

@alzhao When will the MT1300 Beryl be available retail, in the UK?


  • Slang for UK pounds

Unless I’m very much mistaken it’s available at this very moment from Amazon - I’ve just ordered one. Apologies if that’s not what you meant.

I am searching for “uk gl-inet mt1300” and only getting the official gl-inet results.

Lots of hits on MT300n - mango though. What did you search for?

found it:

Yes apologies, quid = pound Sterling, it was pre order which you couldn’t do on Amazon, I didn’t realise with the tax it would be so much more expensive, it’s now relatively cheap on Amazon so moral of the story is don’t preorder just wait a few weeks for their products to appear on Amazon :slight_smile:

One of the benefits of Brexit :neutral_face:

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I think you’ll find that Hong Kong is not part of the EU and that Brexit has nothing to do with this. :man_facepalming:t2: