Unable Beryl AX

Hi Guys, I purchased a Beryl AX a few months back to use as a travel router, but I’ve never had any luck using it as intended.

My goal is for it to join the hotel wifi while also advertising a local ssid and then using a vpn such as Tailscale.

I have everything setup as required but it is just completely unreliable.

It seems related to joining and hosting the wireless networks e.g repeater mode.

The device will drop pings to itself or other devices on the local wifi constantly.

I’ve tried about 3-4 different firmware versions and while some seem better none are 100% stable. I’m currently using 4.4.5 and the previous 4.2.3 also had issues.

Any suggestions?

Do you mean that the repeater function is normal, but packets are often lost?

Can you ping the hotel’s gateway?
If disabled tailscale,whether this issue still occurs?

Yes correct. I can join hotel wifi and also setup internal wifi and it works, but packets are lost.

Without tailscale it is the same problem.

I can ping the hotel’s gateway.

I understand that the connection to the hotel may not always be good, but the internal network (local to the Beryl) should always work, but often even via wifi internal devices have dropped packets.

I have travelled to 4-5 hotels with this device and it has always been the same.

Here is an example. is the Beryl.

It seems disabling 5ghz on the local wifi seems to help.

The ping delay is a little big.

What is the cpu and memory usage of Beryl AX?
Can you confirm the wifi interference in the hotel?
—>You can connect your computer directly to the hotel wifi with 5G to check the ping status.

CPU is very low and memory is only 40%.

I will have to test 5GHz later.

I’ve found if I disable 5GHz on the Beryl it is working a lot better. So it seems related to 5GHz.

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If your computer directly to the hotel wifi with 5G,How is it going?

Direct is fine.

Honestly I feel like maybe my device is faulty.

Hi michaeldale:

Please help to check wifi information,Is the DFS channel used?:

uci show wireless