Unable install adguard home on GL-MT1300

Hey there,

May i know why am unable install the adguard home on my GL-MT1300?

However, why need manually updates the agh version after successfully installed? It’s so complicated manually updates instead auto.

My flint router there is a toggle button to click for the updates of auto but why beryl router there is no option for the click updates?

Please guide? Manually updates is complicated for me because am not a tech guy. Any idea how to update for auto instead manually?

It says your out of space. Remove some packages first.

Yes, did it but how to updates te new version of adguard home?

How to auto updates instead?
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May i know why the DNS address is Google instead of Adguard?

I assume you’re using Google for DNS? :slight_smile: By switching to AdGuard, it doesn’t automatically change your upstream DNS.

It’s not possible to easily auto-update. You could script it, but the easiest is just to check from time to time.

AdGuardHome is a DNS forwarder, not a true DNS server. You can change the upstream DNS servers in AdGuardHome under Settings → DNS settings.

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Alright. Thanks so much!