Unable to browse the GUI

Hi all so I have set up my GL-A1300 with the Router mode. I have Multi-WAN enabled. And for failover, the WAN is the first priority, and WiFi repeater is the second priority.

When I connect to the GL-A1300’s WiFi with network, I can browse the GUI at both and

But when I connect to the home WiFi (, I can’t browse the GUI at neither of the IPs.

I don’t want to enable remote access. So is there an internal solution for this?

This is by design. WAN isn’t allowed to access the interface.
System > Security > Remote Access Control > HTTPS Remote Access must be enabled for that.

Because it’s precisely what you need. So no clue why you don’t want to enable it? :smile:

Hmm ok so I guess that’s how it works. Anyway, when I enable remote access, it doesn’t let me select the whole network block - I can only put one at a time. Is there way to allow the entire subnet?

My concern was that I didn’t want to enable http access via my public IP. That’s just something I assumed when I read WAN. But for my gl-inet router, the WAN is my home network so it should be fine to enable the remote access I reckon. And then I can further allowlist a few selected IPs if I wanted to. I think it’s all fine now. We can close this conversation. Thanks for your help!

It only enabled access on the wan side, not public internet, because your main router will be another firewall.