Unable to connect to DFS network

I am having some issues connecting my GL-MT3000 Beryl AX to a network using DFS.
My firmware is 4.5.16

All the similar topics I can find suggest enabling DFS in the repeater settings.
However when I click into the repeater settings there is no option to enable DFS.

This is not needed. Just scan and find DFS channels to repeat.
Do you see DFS ssids in the list?

yes, I see the SSID, but the router still fails to connect.


Please let me know more about phenomena while router do repeat/connect to the DFS SSID? Any info display in the GL GUI?

Or export the syslog and post here to let us try to analyze.

Pls export the log after it failed to connect. Thanks.

logread.tar (224 KB)

Did you clone mac address?

Two ways to try:

  1. If you cloned mac address, pls reset the router and try repeater again?
  2. Try 4.6 beta firmware GL.iNet download center which optimized the repeater
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Thank you, it's able to connect now without any problem using the Beta firmware.