Unable to connect to Verizon after firmware reset to 4.0.0

Recently received a new Mudi E750 (US-version). It shipped with an old 3.x firmware (and openWRT 19), and after some troubleshooting I was initially able to get it connected to the Verizon tower. However, after I manually upgraded to firmware 4.3.9, I lost access to the gateway and was forced to do a hard reset.

The factory reset put me on 4.0.0. (openWRT 22), I just get this screen when trying auto-setup. It never connects. I was thinking maybe Verizon SIM locked me, but it worked on the older firmware already. Also, I have even tried changing the IMEI to match my Verizon Inseego M3100 and also tried MAC cloning as well! Do I need to try a new firmware again?

Solved by just downgrading back to 3.217.