Unable to get past initial setup of Slate GL-AXT1800

I can connect to it via ethernet but am unable to setup the router as it freezes after trying to enter a new password. It remains stuck and trying to connect to the router using a different browser window gives a white blank page with message “invalid request”. The same error occurs over wifi as well.

I have tried reinstalling the firmware using uboot but the same problem persists. The link to the firmware that I used was from here https://fw.gl-inet.com/firmware/axt1800/release/openwrt-axt1800-4.0.0-0603.img

Can anyone help? Thank you.

hello and welcome to the forum,

i just got a new axt1800, so far, so good.
but never was forced to change the password.

might try to reset the config of the router

have you tried to ssh into the router?

Thank you. I have tried the 10 second reset and it lets me connect to the admin page again to setup the password. Entering any password causes it to lock up with the spinning icon again. Then connecting to the router gives me this error.

not sure what the exact issue is.

if it were me, i would try a different browser and try ssh.

For me it looks like the browser, a browser plugin or any kind of ‘web security software’ is messing up with the data between your Slate AX and your browser.

  1. Try in ‘private mode’ of your browser (best with disabled plugins)
    (or try another browser)
  2. Try to add a exception to, if you’re using some kind of firewall
  3. Try another device, maybe the browser at your mobile phone via WLAN.

Something similar happens to me with a very old Android tablet, which I’m using in my network lab. I’ve got just a blank page, without any message.

You can also try setting up using the GL.iNet smartphone app.

Thank you- I was able to get past the screen using my phone via wifi. For some reason even microsoft edge with no ad blockers wouldnt let me past. Thank for the help!

Do you have any anti virus software?

The problem is that some anti-virus software prevent you to input password in http website.