Unable to manage Mango router from app

I am unable to get the App to recognize my Mango device so that I can manage from the app. I can access from a computer but no the app. Any suggestions.

What is your firmware version and App version? App only supports firmware version 3.201 and above.
What is your phone’s operating system? iOS needs to allow the App to access the local network.

Normally, for devices that have been initialized, you just need to connect your phone to the router’s WiFi and reopen the App and it will display the login page.

Yea I was having the same issues with both mango routers at two different locations (gotta love Gl.inet) and what I did was update to the latest 3.203 version and disconnect both from cloud seeking a solution. After reconnecting one to the cloud so far, I’m able again to access mango remotely. Sometimes I feel as if naming of each device has much to do with it. Go to manage devices section and segregate your devices by naming them differently if you are managing multiple devices!