Unable to open advanced menu

I just debrick both my AR-300M and AR-750 via uboot.

Now i can not open the advanced menu it said “Luci The router failed to reresh the software repository. Refresh again now. Luci ERROR: Not installed yet!”

How do I fix this?

  1. Under Plug-in there is no “luci”.

First connect to the internet, then try using the button on the upper right side that says update, then look again for luci.

First you need to have Internet.

Then in this page you should be able to click “install Luci”

For only 16Mb flash devices you may read this before or after update firmware to increase space to install plugins.

Alzhao, if operating the device remotely through openVPN should these updates work? I have internet connectivity, but cannot install Luci.

It should work unless your vpn blocks our server.

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Turns out I needed to disable “Custom DNS settings” reboot, then update, then set them back.