Unable to ping AR150 as VPN client from the server

I have an OpenVPN server (, and an AR150 as a VPN Client ( The AR150 LAN port ( has a Raspberry Pi plugged in to it (
From the CLI on the AR150, and the CLI on the Pi, I can ping, and also ping anywhere on the Internet. All good so far.

However from the CLI on the Server, I can’t ping With tcpdump on the server, I can see the ping requests go out on tun0, but no replies coming back.

Is there some Advanced config in the AR150 that would block this (or I need to add something to allow it)?

Ultimately, other clients on the VPN would need to connect to the Pi on, but I need to sort out the first problem first.

As soon as I asked the question, I managed to answer it myself.

  1. Firewall Zone settings - add an ovpn > lan zone to accept Input, Output and Forward

Then to allow clients elsewhere to SSH to the Raspberry Pi on the LAN side (…
2) Create a Port Forward - From any port on ovpn, Forward to 192.168.201 port 22. (But that might have been unnecessary as I can SSH without it)

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